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Global Market Report
Good day Ladies and gentlemen of the FSN community.

As we roll in to the new year with new members and more farms, the global market is still looking promising in the United States. For any new members of the community if you do not know what the global market is, it is a meta game supply and demand market based on real time player interactions.

If there is any confusion on how the market works or how you get involved visit the wiki Here.

Alright folks, time to dive into the numbers and get started. Curently, wheat is sitting at a base price of $274.78 with a 240 percent demand increase, and in the green. Grain farmers have a tough life. They barley survive from wheat to wheat....

Speaking of barley, even though with a low base price of $195.66 it has a demand increase of 210 percent and sitting in the green. Uh oh, if you have horses that need to be fed you might be in trouble. Oat is at high base price of $943.80 and a 210 percent demand. In the green and still on the rise.

On the other hand canola has a high base price of $1195.13 but looks like it could drop in the near future. Sunflowers are looking average on the base price of $506.44 but the demand is high, 240 percent and rising.

Soy beans.... well, you have to know when to hold them and know when to fold them. Aww shucks! Corn is sitting at a base price of $263.27 with a demand increase of 210 percent. Keep your eye on them if you got them, it is in the red and has the potential of dropping. POTATOES, POTATOES, POTATOES!!!

If anyone wants to invest in a potato farm with me I am open to the idea. Letís not beet around the bush or sugar coat those sugar beets and sugar cane. They both look good now but keep your eyes peeled. Milk is at a base price of $712.11 but that demand increase of 190 percent sounds like moo-oney to me.

What did one pile of wood chips say to the other? Nothing they werenít mulch for conversation. Even though wood chips are at a low base price the demand increase is worth checking up on. Finally, the newest addition to the global market, hops. Base price of $7,018.92 and a increase of 175 percent.

Even though it is in the red all you beer tycoons should keep an eye on this page. As for Global trading companies other potential markets to sell on would be, Germany, France, and Ireland because of their high demand for a majority of crops. Thank you for tuning in, this was the United States global market report.

I am out of yolks and need to hit the hay. These numbers are all accurate as of January 4, 2020 at 1:45 p.m. EST

*In Game SS from FSN Gameplay.*
Top 3 NAV Valued Companies in FSN
Bjornson Farms
Flying Pig Bank
Southern Star Finance

*In Game SS from FSN Gameplay.*