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Thanks to the generosity and friendships we've all made together, FSN has grown to 39 servers, and we aren't stopping there! Join us today and help us push towards server 40!

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Remember Our Fallen Around The Globe

At FSN we believe that serving ones country, no matter what country that is, is a great honor, and deserves a great amount of respect. We have many members who are now, or have been, in the military, or certainly know someone that has. As such, for the month of May, in observance of the US Memorial Day, we are putting this list on our front page, where any of our members can submit a member of their family, no matter their country, of someone who gave their life serving their country. Take a moment and read these names and give them a small moment of your day for the sacrafice they made!

Larry Parks | PFC in United States Army | KIA OIF/OEF
Mark Isfeld | Combat Engineer & UN Peacekeeper CAF. Aged 31. | KIA Croatia.
Brett Wightman | 25th Regiment, 4th Marine Division. Aged 22. | KIA Haditha, Iraq.
Cyrus Thatcher | Rifleman of 2nd Battalion The Rifles. Aged 19. | KIA Afghanistan.

What Is FSN?

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LIVE Happenings
proximo303 with Slow Growing Farm has completed a contract number 42762 offered by Seneca Wildlife Management
CoffeeClicks with Coffee Cattle Company (CCC) has paid off some of their business liabilities.
willie with LSTT Farms has requested a fund transfer for their farm on server # 20.
faxdotcom with Fax Farm Inc. has completed a contract number 42771 offered by Midwest Wildlife Management
Sausy with Saus and Veggie Farms has completed a contract number 42763 offered by Seneca Wildlife Management

LIVE Stats

Registrations: 7123
Farmable Acreage: 83384.82
Owned Land NAV: $299,536,373.00
Acres Harvested: 50246.08
Contracts Completed: 42788
Fines Written: 193

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