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FSN Dev Desk & Weekly Articles

LIVE Happenings
odoto purchased a bond on behalf of Landwirtschaft GmbH.
Pilotjr with Greenway Farms has completed a contract number 12641 offered by Midwest Weather Center
andy with THC Farm has paid off some of their business liabilities.
Jonathan with Bakker Agri has completed a contract number 12651 offered by Eiersholt Weather Center
wijba with Grusbeck Contractors has completed a contract number 12626 offered by Lonewolf Co.

LIVE Stats

Registrations: 776
Farmable Acreage: 37045.83
Owned Land NAV: $73,318,057.00
Acres Harvested: 8631.85
Contracts Completed: 12664
Fines Written: 131